Design/ Build & Construction Management

Our process consists of three phases: Preconstruction, Construction, and Post Construction. Our integrated approach to design requires all three of these phases to work in concert thereby ensuring maximum efficiency, quality in construction and minimal disruption during the renovation.


There is something to be said for a well thought-out plan. Our preconstruction process is thoughtful, thorough and deliberate. Preconstruction offers an excellent opportunity to open a dialogue where ideas are encouraged, concerns are expressed, and design solutions begin to unfold. Communication and transparency are inherent in our process and it all begins with this phase. Value engineering ensues, the plan is determined, drawings and specifications are created, budget is generated, a project schedule is developed and a control estimate is ultimately delivered. Certainly there will be decisions to be made during the course of construction, but the preconstruction phase is designed to minimize the number of those decisions, thereby increasing efficiency and decreasing frustration and extended timelines.


Once our team mobilizes and the construction phase begins. Clients find the difference is in the details. Our many years of experience in construction, as well as our eye for design result in a management style that encompasses both the big picture and the smallest of details. Our network of experienced subcontractors is the very best in the city and shares our same commitment to perfection.

Post Construction

Our job is not complete once construction is over. The post construction phase is an important opportunity to review all the hard work and execute any open items on our punch list. Our cleaning crew does impeccable work and strives to leave the client’s home cleaner than when we started. We conduct final walk-throughs with the client and deliver any applicable instructions, demos or user manuals.