The Very First.

JESSE ROBERTSON-TAIT: Principal and Senior Build-Consultant-and-Trouble-Shooter.

ANDREA TRIMARCO: Project Manager and Senior Badass-Taskmaster-Keepin’-Projects-Rollin’.

JOHN LOWE: Foreman and Senior Work-Out-The-Condition-With-An-Incredible-Thoughtful-Drawing-And-Keep-The-Neighbors-Calm.

GLORIA MINNEY: Bookkeeper Extraordinaire.

Together we are Robertson-Tait, and this is our very first blog post.


Robertson-Tait was started because I wanted a greater degree of control and involvement over the process of planning and building living spaces. I felt like the industry suffered from a lack of care taken with the more subtle aspects of the process because there was too often the pressure of cost and schedule. I wanted to build a team that could efficiently spend the appropriate amount of time on thoughtful solutions and intentionally sequenced execution. Insert Andrea Trimarco and John Lowe. Together our focus is on making dreams come true through the careful management of expectations and the mountains of minutia that come with the process. Our distinct talents and varied experience allow us to enjoy fulfilling collaborations with architects, designers and homeowners alike. Whether the project requires our design/build services or construction management only, our team takes pride in owning the responsibility of the final product.

The homes we have worked on so far range from a wonderfully small and cozy apartment in the East Village to a luxurious loft in Chelsea to a Brooklyn cottage situated in the tree-lined neighborhood of Ft. Greene. We love a project that will be home to the client for the long run and with that in mind, we pour our hearts into everything we create.

We look forward to sharing our process and craft with you and hope that this blog can serve as insight to the details you don’t always see, because to us, that is what thoughtful construction is all about.


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