About Robertson-Tait

Thoughtful Construction

Robertson-Tait is a luxury, service-driven construction firm that specializes in high-end renovation projects for design-conscious New Yorkers. We are a collective of builders, managers and designers who take pride in thoughtfully planned and carefully executed construction projects.

Who We Work With

Our firm works directly with homeowners and business owners in addition to other professional partners, such as architects and designers.

We are engaged in renovation projects in one of two ways: as design/builders or as construction managers. As design/builders, we are hired by clients to be a single resource managing the entire renovation process from start to finish in a seamless and concerted effort. As construction managers, we work alongside designers and architects ensuring careful delivery of their designs. Learn more about How We Work.

An Appreciation for Space, Craftsmanship and Materials

At Robertson-Tait, we attract clients who not only appreciate the space they have chosen, but also have an interest and appreciation for quality construction, design, and materials, be it a carefully selected, well-appointed fixture; a beautiful yet simple detail on a staircase; an artfully constructed custom molding; or a fireplace paired with impeccably applied wallpaper. We recognize our clients don’t always notice each and everyone of  the many details we’ve considered, but they do appreciate and recognize the sum of their parts.

How We Bring Value to a Construction Project

Robertson-Tait provides invaluable services to the construction process— an eye for design, a respect for materials, and an obsession with details. Our clients know firsthand that when you are renovating in NYC every inch counts, every detail is seen and each piece of a home must fit together like a puzzle. Throughout the renovation project we are able to offer options and alternatives to our clients and weigh the pros and cons of each.

Bringing Together Design & Construction

We ensure feasibility of designs, that the systems are workable and that the two will be able to coexist without sacrifice. We are the missing link that brings together the worlds of construction and design for the benefit of not only the client, but everyone involved in the project.